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Monday 11 July 2016
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The 2016 Cadillac CTS-V could be the ultimate track-ready race sedan with a 640hp and 630 lb-ft supercharged V8 engine and 8-speed automatic transmission. To top it off, the CTS-V features performance traction management (PTM), magnetic ride control, electronic limited slip differential, Brembo brakes, and the best steering feel on the planet. Of course, what makes a CTS-V look like the real deal is the optional Carbon Fiber Package. Let's check out the CTS-V with some real-world driving.
Submitted by Bryan Grant
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Tuesday 31 May 2016
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No time to talk, you’ve been running to the streets to see new pieces and peaches like a new D*Face in Soho, Rubin’s solo show in the Bronx, the Brooklyn-themed pop up at Doyle’s Auction house in Manhattan, Swoon and Shep and Swizz at Pearly’s in LA, the Social Sticker club collabo melee with Roycer […]
How & Nosm Strike a “Balancing Act” in Detroit
Editorz, 21 May 10:00 AM
Yin and Yang. Good and Evil. Joy and Pain. Positive and Negative. Bitterness and Forgiveness. These are among the laws of polarity that are at play in our daily lives with us somehow moderating, ameliorating, mollifying, strengthening, accentuating one or the other to achieve a sense of balance. How & Nosm. “Balancing Act” Detroit, USA. […]
BSA Film Friday: 05.20.16
Editorz, 20 May 06:00 AM
  Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Christian Omodeo Talks About “Street Art – Banksy & Co.” 2. Guido Van Helten on Abandoned Silos in Australia 3. CTVà Street Fest 2016 Recap 4. How & Nosm’s Monumental Mural in Detroit by Dennis […]
Young Announces Construction of Urban Nation Museum
Editorz, 19 May 02:57 PM
Berlin Begins Building a Haus for Street/Urban Art Urban Nation “Museum For Urban Contemporary Art” Set to Open Mid 2017 “You can try and tame the wild but what good would it do? Isn’t the wild what makes us into warriors, kings and queens, discoverers and inventors? – The wild is all we need to […]
Swoon: “Pearly’s Beauty Shop” in LA Helps You Be a Glamorous Philanthropist
Editorz, 19 May 12:02 AM
SWOON and “Pearly’s Beauty Shop” are back! Heliotrope Benefit! Buy your TIX for Saturday 5/21 in Los Angeles HERE! BSA was an early and fervent supporter of the very first Pearly’s Beauty Shop nearly four years ago in Long Island City, New York: Swoon herself was there painting nails and the brand-new Braddock Tile architectural […]
San Salvador, Street Artists, Food Insecurity and “Conect-Arte”
Editorz, 18 May 12:02 AM
Six street artists took their social engagement a step further in El Salvador last month and taught youth some serious skillz from the street. Coming from Brazil, Australia, Ecuador, Mexico, New York, and New Jersey, this international crew took the time to share and teach about painting, art, and how community can be built. The […]
Da Mental Vaporz (DMV) Exhibit at Villa Alliv, Marseille
Editorz, 17 May 12:02 AM
Three members of the French graffiti crew “Da Mental Vaporz” (DMV) just launched a short exhibit at the Villa Alliv during their residency there and today we have some exclusive images of the experimental works they created for the show. Da Mental Vaporz (DMV) Villa Alliv. Marseille, France. April 2016 (photo © courtesy Villa Alliv) […]
Ready2Rumbl Races Down Roadsides in Rotterdam
Editorz, 16 May 12:02 AM
Beep Beep! The Road Runner is a good analog symbol for the fast paced Monday that many people on the streets are throwing themselves into. No matter how fast you go there is still some guy or kid on a skateboard passing you. Ready2Rumbl. Rotterdam, The Netherlands. April 2016. (photo © ready2rumbl) The aerosol mural […]
BSA Images Of The Week: 05.15.16
Editorz, 15 May 12:02 AM
Coney Art Walls is back for 2016 and the artists have already begun painting, Duke Riley is on week two of performance with pigeons in The Brooklyn Navy Yard , the #notacrimecampaign is happening in Harlem to support a free press in Iran, Newark has started a huge public mural program called “Gateways to Newark: […]
Skount Levitates From Under an Overpass
Editorz, 14 May 06:00 AM
Introverts of the World Unite! Brother, its hard out here. Not just the economy and the evaporating social net and the haters. But for the introverted types, and there are many in society, just having a public face and interacting with lots of people on the street and at your job or in the barber […]
BSA Film Friday: 05.13.16
Editorz, 13 May 06:00 AM
  Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Jorge Rodriguez Gerarda: Changing The Face Of Barcelona 2. Nychos X Udon Lords Crew in Taiwan 3. ERICAILCANE / Mexico City 4. Pref ID BSA Special Feature: Jorge Rodriguez Gerarda: Changing The Face Of Barcelona […]
Strøk Strikes a New Angle on His Stencil Figures In Paris
Editorz, 12 May 06:00 AM
A newly transformed wall in Rue de la Glacière in the 13th Arr. of Paris today from the Norwegian STRØK represents a genuinely new angle for the artist to approach the figure in space. Using his personal photographs taken from the midst of human activity, the stencil artist commands the open space of a wall […]
More Than Pigeons “Fly By Night” With Duke Riley in The Navy Yard
Editorz, 11 May 12:02 AM
Pigeons have been a vital feature of New York’s skyline for decades, even centuries, particularly in neighborhoods like those in Brooklyn where thousands live in coops on the roofs of tall buildings, carefully overseen by their trainers, called pigeon fanciers. Loosed from their kit to fly as a flock, tracing the sky in manifold circular […]
“The Art Of The Mural: Volume 01″ Captures a Moment
Editorz, 10 May 06:01 AM
Murals hold their own place onstage in public space today for a variety of reasons that we discuss regularly on BSA. From grassroots and public, to private and corporate, we have watched the genre professionalize as Street Art festivals and other initiatives are often coupling artists with brands and are selling canvasses through the organizers […]
Fintan Magee in Rome and Rising Tides Around Your Knees
Editorz, 09 May 06:00 AM
Fintan Magee typically can knock out one of his murals rather quickly in a matter of 4 or 5 days, thanks to experience and focus. In Rome for his new show at the Varsi Gallery, he had to work between the raindrops and wind of inclement weather to create this magic realism inspired image of […]
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Monday 25 April 2016
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BSA Images Of The Week: 04.24.16
Editorz, 24 Apr 12:02 AM

If you are a New Yorker feeling the burn it could be the Hasidim who lit fires every two blocks in parts of Brooklyn Friday to mark Passover (see our final image). The smoke and ash were staining sidewalks and wafting through neighborhoods until being washed away with the Purple Rain Friday night, or maybe […]
Wednesday 20 April 2016
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4Chion Marketing announces they are attending the Moxy Hotel Grand Opening in Tempe Arizona April 21, 2016.
Marriott is expanding the edgy lifestyle hospitality brand in the United States after bringing the concept to Europe. Tempe’s Moxy hotel will provide a more self-sufficient traveler, while keeping the modern traveler in mind.
This hotel develops the lobby as a social gathering location with a high-energy bar and quiet locations for reading. The sense of the modern traveler needing access to social media, electronic check in, guestbook for streaming videos or pictures, keyless entry, and keeping electronics charged. The elevator encourages a selfie as a photo booth, motion sensor lighting, design meeting the ethos of the brand and locality aesthetic.
“Moxy Hotels, Marriott International’s edgy new lifestyle brand, is shaking up traditional hospitality and making its mark in the U.S. with Moxy New Orleans, LA, and Moxy Tempe, AZ, both set to open in Spring 2016. Moxy Hotels boldly reinvents the select-service hotel experience to fully embrace today’s Next Generation traveler and to show the world what “moxie” really means – fun, spirited and stylish. These two new hotels will offer the style and soul of a boutique hotel that is surprisingly affordable.”
Phoenix Fashion Week will be presenting a fashion show at the event. The fashion show will be inspired with an Italian runway. Theme for the runway is, “From Runways of Milan to Tempe.” You can win a VIP package to the next Phoenix Fashion Week event by posting your photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter while at the event with the #MoxyTempe.
Connect with 4Chion Marketing at: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and Flickr for updates and runway from the event. Our official hash tag is #4chionMoxy. The event hashtags will be using and following #AtTheMoxy, #Moxy, and #PHXFW.
4Chion Marketing will bring you the best from The Moxy opening event. We will bring the insight to the new concept for the modern day traveler. Our coverage will be found on US Press association, social media, and WordPress.
4Chion Marketing is a full service online marketing firm. 4Chion Marketing provides marketing worldwide. We grow your business from industry to fashion, through extensive knowledge and 10 years of experience.
Our team is dedicated to bringing the highest quality marketing for your business, fashion, celebrity, and event. Services have grown YouTube channels, provided engaging content, web design, traditional marketing, social media marketing, and Top Tweets. We are able to remain innovative with updated training on processes and procedures.
Our experience, continued training, and customer satisfaction to provide your company with current and updated marketing services. We focus on your business' ability to continue to grow. We are Certified Online Marketing Professionals. 4Chion provides traditional and Internet marketing services.

Submitted by Tammy Forchion

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