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Thursday 06 September 2012
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It is true that the US Press Association, Freelance Press Association & US Free Public Press are all new organizations in comparison to the Mega Media Conglomerates that exist today. Even those large, main stream media outlets once had humble beginnings. The US Press Association unofficially began in 1999 and the company US Press Association LTD was officially formed in 2001. 
The US Press Association was started in an effort to leverage rights, privileges and accessability of freelancers with that of the more well know networks and main stream media journalists. The concept of having strength in numbers was the underlying theme and vision for the organization. The Freelance Press Association was started that same year, but has since merged with the US Press Association. Some of the earliest members of the US Press Association were able to access and report from venues, events and scenes of breaking news that were once commonly restricted to freelance journalist. Recognizing the importance that "NEW MEDIA" was going to have on the world we live in, the US Press Association had and still has the vision that freelance journalist of all types need an outlet for their stories (YOUR STORIES), and an organization that will be there to help and support them every step of the way. The US Press Association also offers membership to the US Free Public Press. The US Free Public Press is a resource for those who are not freelance or part-time journalist, but have an appreciation for various forms of journalism and may wish to contribute the occasional story. People interested in joining the US Free Public Press are issued an ID card as well. They are free to submit stories, photos, video and other forms of media for website submission. Having the member ID, phone confirmation of their membership and their profile listed in a verifiable database help to increase their odds of maximizing the impact of the news event they want to cover by being granted certain privileges. 
One point that needs to be clear is that the US Press Association does not give out press passes. What we do for our members is issue a US Press Association Press ID. This ID clearly identifies you as a member of our organization and your profile information is able to be found in our database of journalists. What the US Press Association will do is help our members acquire press passes to various venues, events etc. We often serve as a liaison between our members and event coordinators or directors. We also issue members assignment letters to various news worthy events, places, venues etc. We urge you not to be deceived by some of the offers that are out there. Do your research! Track where YOUR MONEY is going! You may be surprised to find where your money will be headed, and maybe more surprised to discover it's not even in the United States. If you choose to obtain one of the many "Press Passes" that are being sold simply to attempt gaining backstage access to a concert, or attempt to interview a celebrity let us offer you a better solution. Just join the US Press Association. We WILL make every effort to help you in your pursuit to cover a great story or event. We will offer the support you may need, or answer the questions you may have. Become part of a legitimate movement, a legitimate organization. We are a member based organization and we are passionate about news and media, and we want to help you in any way we can. If you don't care about joining an organization that will help you, do yourself a favor and check out ebay. You will save yourself quite a bit of money and some embarrassment when either ID is rejected.     
Thank you for taking a moment to read this, feel free to send us an email or call us if you have any questions or need any further information.
Examples of using stock photos - you will see these images on other sites in an attempt to fool you, so "Please do your homework"!


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Sunday 30 August 2015
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BSA Images Of The Week: 08.30.15
Editorz, 30 Aug 12:02 AM
Dude, Dudette, this is the moment to make the most of Summer before it in subsumed into crazy New York fall. There is so much art on the streets you may not even want to go inside. Actually, if you haven’t seen the China: Through the Looking Glass at the Metropolitan Museum, you have to […]
Round Up! BSA at NUART, Borås, Coney, BKM, and ON Brooklyn Streets
Editorz, 29 Aug 06:35 PM
BSA is excited to be at the Nuart Festival to celebrate 15 years this week. As we told Katherine Brooks in The Huffington Post yesterday “We’ve always admired their willingness to push past comfort zones and embrace a hybrid of academic programming and a rebellious streak that stays true to graffiti’s roots.” And if you […]
The Weird World of the Weird Crew in BK
Editorz, 29 Aug 06:00 AM
Things are looking weird in Brooklyn at the moment thanks to Cone, Dxtr, Hrvb, Look, and Vidam. The Berlin based crew are in town for their show at Exit Room that opened last night and as soon as they hit the streets they also knocked out this wall in BK. A collective of 5 individually […]
BSA Film Friday: 08.28.15
Editorz, 28 Aug 12:02 AM
Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Lilith and Olaf at Nuart ’15 by Ella & Pitr 2. Come Enjoy the Wonderful World of Dismaland! 3. Wall Therapy 2015: Eder Muniz 4. Wall Therapy 2015: Handiedan BSA Special Feature: Lilith and Olaf […]
Poetry, Prose and Witty Texting: The Conversation on The Street
Editorz, 27 Aug 06:00 AM
“True poetry cares nothing for poems” says Raoul Vaneigem, the Belgium Situationist who taught us that we are creating our lives twenty-four hours a day, in his book “The Revolution of Everyday Life.” The act of living is a certain poetry in itself, we have decided. Jef Aeorosl pays tribute to Andy Warhol on the […]
The Wonderfully Dismal Kingdom of Banksy
Editorz, 26 Aug 06:00 AM
Banksy has ventured into the entertaining resort business. One that would possibly be your last resort. A scathing social and political critique of any number of targets that routinely come under the purview of this artist/curator/commentator/showman, this big tent brings everyone inside for a beating. Rampant capitalism, civic hypocrisy, the war industry, advertising deceit, an […]
What’s The Word, Bird? Fine Feathered Friends Soar On The Street
Editorz, 25 Aug 12:02 AM
It’s a convivial if embarrassing juxtaposition when you witness a bird in flight in this brutish man-made city environment, so unrefined are all of our efforts next to his. He rewards us with a song or a soaring performance in air, and despite our heavy slow selves anchored to this pavement, we shield the sun […]
Willow and Swil : Hunting, Capturing and Exploring in Brooklyn
Editorz, 24 Aug 07:00 AM
Street art brothers Willow and Swil have just populated the streets with their wheat-pastes toward the end of summer here in Brooklyn. Urban Naturalists, that’s what we call them – studies and sketches and paintings of fauna and reptiles, bears and busts of figures and friends and music heroes. Swil (photo © Jaime Rojo) These […]
BSA Images Of The Week: 08.23.15
Editorz, 23 Aug 12:02 AM
Such a pleasure and honor to give a tour to Brooklyn Museum members yesterday – mainly because of the mixture of people who traipsed through Brooklyn streets with us: older, younger, academic, street smart, curiosity seeking, students, teachers. The questions and observations helped push our perspectives wider. Good to be schooled by someone who knew […]
Scott Albrecht Mural Painting in Denver : A Family Affair
Editorz, 22 Aug 06:00 AM
Brooklyn artist and designer Scott Albrecht usually works with collage or wood for his fine art of geometric patterning that hearken an arts and craft modernism of the 1970s. Now he has just completed a mural in Denver reprising his smaller works at a much larger scale – with a little help from the family. […]
Coney Art Walls Presents: BSA “On The Radar: New And Emerging Street Art Talent”
Editorz, 21 Aug 10:00 AM
Imagine taking a trip with (BSA) founders Steve and Jaime and never leaving your seat as they show you some of the exciting and inventive ideas that are running in the street right now. On The Radar: New and Emerging Street Art Talent From Brooklyn and Beyond A multimedia presentation with Steven P. Harrington […]
BSA Film Friday: 08.21.15
Editorz, 21 Aug 07:00 AM
Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. (RE) Prisma by Narcelio Grud 2. Cranio in France 3. Wall Therapy 2015: Li-Hill BSA Special Feature: Narcelio Grud and Mara Hope The ship Mara Hope, stranded for 30 years on Iracema Beach alongside the […]
NEMO’s, a Censored Penis, and Slicing The Human Condition in Brooklyn
Editorz, 20 Aug 07:00 AM
Italian Street Artist NEMO’s made his first trip to New York last week and immediately gave one of his desperate men to the cityscape in Williamsburg. We should mention that the subject was obviously a man until some neighbors complained and one particular detail had to be buffed to satisfy their tastes. The artistic metaphor […]
OS Gemeos Pop Through Walls Downtown NYC, Screens in Times Square
Editorz, 19 Aug 06:02 AM
Os Gemeos want to meet you in Times Square 3 minutes to midnight. Bring your video camera. Later they’ll meet you in the Village, where you can take a still shot. Os Gemeos (photo © Jaime Rojo) The flashing Times Square spectacle on display all during August across a patchwork of multiple screens by the […]
FAILE “Wishing On You” At The Flashy Crossroads of NYC
Editorz, 18 Aug 12:02 AM
FAILE Takes Times Square with Giant Prayer Wheel. Come Give it a Spin! A folk-art pagoda sitting quietly in the basin of a valley richocheting with electronic propaganda and consumption worship, the newest public piece by Brooklyn’s street art duo FAILE has a few mysteries to reveal to the river of tourists flowing around it […]
Athens Street Art Reflects Stress of Debt and Suffering of Poor
Editorz, 17 Aug 12:02 AM
As bankers put the final screws to the people of Greece with crushing unsustainable debt and Greece itself struggles with a flood of Syrians fleeing that war-torn country, art on the street is expressing some of the virulent discontent of the everyday people who are watching the economic ground slip out from beneath. WD. Athens, […]
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Tuesday 11 August 2015
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In the history of Public Places such as Parks, you may never hear of avoiding people from coming or even witnessing army forces or guns. Since Afghanistan experienced decades of war and violence in addition of low rate of literacy and urbanism, you will see a horrible contrast when you watch a park from the fence surrounding it! It’s not fair to claim the illiterate ramblers and bazar crowd,for being unfamiliar with citizenship, culture and urbanism, all the time. There are numerous NGOs’ Civil Society organizations, Social Commentators, Semi Intellectuals and many other bluffers all around the country shouting, the reforms, changes and amendments, but are they really fighting for it?? Millions of Dollars came for Rehabilitation of Afghanistan, and a huge amount assigned for the Civil Society projects, implemented by the mentioned organizations, National or International. It’s obvious that the most of the moneys are spent on Constructions and useless seminars, meetings, workshops, training sessions and courses, where actions and real works” Touchable” are so vital. Let’s just concentrate on the recent issue I stressed on! Despite the security problems, crucial situations and wars all over the country, cant the claimed civil societies, NGOs’ and Cultural Departments , let the Public Places and Parks to be really public for everyone’s use, in addition of mainlining their security? But not closing the door and avoiding people to inter by Army forces and huge guns? Don’t we deserve to relax a while, after a busy tension- full, horrible, risky day, with possibility of dying, kidnapping or looted any moment? I hope us, the ones claiming and expecting changes just think a while and see around. And I wish the international donors and supporters to assess and research more, when funding projects. Please teach us how to fish, but not giving us a sardine!!

Submitted by Parwiz Rahimi
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Saturday 18 July 2015
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All Hail Akon!!! Africas very own Akon is bringing solar energy to millions in his home country! Now while the media has been rocking the headlines non stop with news on the newly made Caitlyn Jenner, the news has not been so loud to share in Africas good fourtune. And oh what a fortune it is! In a country where roughly 600 million people live without power and sometimes adequate running water daily, any ray of light given, is a blessing. Imagine, nightime falls and as darkness settles, your day must come to an abrubt end. You are unable to carry out any task, for the darkness does not permit any nightly duties, and you can forget about traveling! This is the plight of millions in Africa today! To meet these challenges, Akon Lighting Africa seeks to provide a concrete response at grass roots level to Africa’s energy crisis and lay the foundations for future development. Akons program has provided power, street lamps, solar kits domestic and industrial to over fourteen African countries. Akon has made sure that countless schools, health facilities, roads homes, and more are connected to a dependable powergrid for the first time ever in those areas! This is huge news for Africa, as well as being a gigantic step, towards moving Africa forward and into the current millenniums time. On any note,Akons deeds will continue to be further perfected and progressed, ensuring that his solar economy program, will lead to lighting the entire Africa!

Submitted by TaneshiaNicole
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